Director of Construction Operations


Robert is responsible for the overall management of all field operations, including management of site superintendents and field personnel. His duties are: to ensure compliance with quality control, safety and environmental policies; project design, planning, layout, and scheduling; evaluation, training and coordination of on-site staff involved in construction operations.


Robert Morey has more than forty years of construction experience, including employment with developers, real estate companies, construction and building contractors, and successfully forming and managing his own construction firm. Robert has held positions ranging from superintendent to project manager.

Education, Training & Certifications

  • Licensed in the state of Massachusetts for Unrestricted Control of Building Operations, license # CX 104180; licensed for Control of Building Operations for the City of Quincy, MA (Boston District) Class A License # 11
  • 10 accredited hours by the Maine Labor Occupational Safety and Health Administration for Construction Safety and Health (February, 2007, March, 2009)
  • 3 hours of First Aid along with 2 hours of CPR resulting in certification (February, 2007)
  • Storm Water Compliance – 10 ½ hours of EPA approved training session (April, 2007; January, 2009)
  • Certification in Erosion & Sedimentation Control Practices by the Department of Environmental  Protection (November, 2010)
  • Certification for EPA/HUD Lead Safety (May, 2011)
  • Certification for the 2008 Underground Damage Prevention Law through a 4-hour Seminar by the Maine Public Utilities Commission (March, 2008)
  • Certified as a solar energy installer by Maine’s Public Utilities Commission (November, 2008)
  • Authorized Installer’s Certification after 40 hours of NCI Group’s approved training seminar in Ultra-Dek®, Double-Lok®, BattenLok®, SuperLok®, LokSeam®, and Craftsman™ metal roofing systems (February, 2008)
  • Licensed to operate Lift Trucks and Aerial Lifts (March, 2005)