“After deciding to build a new building for my business and acquiring land I had to find a contractor to build it. I interviewed a few contractors and immediately felt the most comfortable with TPD Construction. I could tell from the first meeting that this was a group of people that had my best interests in mind and they were very professional in all aspects of getting the original proposal.

I had hired an architect and civil engineer company before approaching any builders as I had to get town approval before even buying the land. From the very early stages of the project, TPD worked really well with both the architect and the engineers to make sure that everything was done correctly, to code and to best fit our needs. The contractors that TPD hired for each phase of the job were also really professional, and time and produced excellent quality.

As with any project, there are always bumps in the road that were not expected. TPD had a project manager on site always continually monitoring the progress and making sure each contractor was doing what was expected. When we needed a change it was handled efficiently and with the least impact on the overall job timing.

I was very impressed with every person that TPD had both on-site and in their office. We have been in the building for a few months now and any issue that has arisen has been handled immediately by TPD, calling in any contractor responsible for the respective system.

I would highly recommend TPD Construction and would definitely use them again if I have any other construction needs.”

Rob Caron, PE, President
Caron Engineering Inc.