When TPD Construction is your General Contractor under a traditional process, you enter into separate contracts with our company and with a design team. We work on construction. The Architect/Engineer group is responsible for project design and field observations of our work as General Contractor.

A General Contractor agreement is either a “hard bid,” where potential builders submit proposals with fixed prices, or a “negotiated bid,” where the parties discuss and agree upon the fee.

At TPD Construction, we offer Commercial General Contracting services to clients who are looking for a company that can offer a fixed contract price. We have extensive experience in General Contracting and at Value Engineering. We take great pride in our ability to provide our clients with a high-quality project at the best possible cost.

general contracting diagram

Browse our portfolio to see some of the wide range of our work as General Contractors. To learn more about why our commercial General Contracting services could be the best fit for your project, call us at 207-490-5900 or request a consultation.