Mirror Lake, NH

The Todaro Leadership Center was a project-in-the-works for nearly 10 years. Located in Mirror Lake, New Hampshire, the education building was designed to meet the needs of the YMCA of Greater Boston’s Camping Services Branch for a new training and function/events center. When it came time to build, however, the group had difficulty finding a general contractor who could build what they needed while staying within the budget they had to work with, so the project stalled.

Meanwhile, TPD Construction Co. completed an unrelated project for a member of the group’s board of directors. The board member was so impressed with TPD’s service and quality that he asked us to look at the Todaro project and see if we could find a way to complete it within their budget.

TPD was able to make it work, and the YMCA got what they were looking for: a 7,800 square foot function center with a dining hall, commercial kitchen, and individual meeting spaces, all within the budget that was available.