When TPD Construction is brought on to a project as Construction Managers, we work closely with the project owners and architects throughout the process, from start to finish. We ensure variables are identified to find the solutions that are both most desirable for the owner’s needs and are also the most cost-effective.

Construction Management Advantages

Our CM services can be ideal for new, complex construction projects or renovations where there are often unknown at the start of construction. By effectively communicating with the owners and the design team as these unknowns present themselves, we will detail a range of solutions and options so that the owner is able to identify and make decisions based on what will be their best overall value while considering their needs and budget.

The Construction Management process can also be the best solution for time-sensitive projects – for example, when a project needs to be completed in a limited amount of time or in multiple phases. It’s also ideal for projects where the owner is looking for more ongoing flexibility throughout, as it allows construction to begin as soon as approvals are granted and changes to be made as the project progresses. Final decisions on details and the addition or subtraction based on budget and needs can be made by the owner as the project progresses.

Our Construction Management Projects

A few examples of our successful construction management projects include:

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