LaVergne, TN

Companies with construction needs in more than one state appreciate a builder who can work in many locations on their behalf, as TPD Construction did for a long-time client with a project in LaVergne, TN. In that community, we built a 20,000 square foot retail and warehouse building anchored by Lumber Liquidators that can house up to three additional retail spaces.

The owner asked us to travel to do the work, rather than looking for a local builder in Tennessee, because he has had such good experiences with our company. He also knew that we have a track record of success in working outside Maine – having led projects in 13 states. Whether we are completing a project close to our office in Sanford or far from home, as a construction General Contractor, TPD Construction always does the due diligence to ensure nothing is overlooked. We pay close attention to the details of permitting, design and working with municipal officials, so building owners can focus on their businesses while we go about realizing their vision.