Norfolk, VA

TPD Construction worked as a design/build leader for retail construction companies in the development of a two-tenant retail/warehouse space in Virginia.

A key component of this work was to complete the project in two phases so that the existing Lumber Liquidators store on the small property could continue to operate while construction of the first half of the building took place. After proper inspections were completed, the retail operations moved into the completed half of the building.

Lumber Liquidators’ operations were kept open and never lost one retail day.

On this project, we provided complete project management, including design, working with architects and engineers; permitting and variances, working with the municipality; and special needs, working with the neighborhood residents.

I thought I would take a quick moment to express my appreciation for the service your company has provided (us) with our new building in Norfolk. When I was first made aware of the construction that I was to undergo I was filled with a bitter sweet feeling, knowing that I was about to undergo all the pains of transformation that my customers have expressed over the years in with dealing with contractors, the delays, and the headaches associated with the process.

Maintaining sales and the flow of operations required to service our customers was my primary concern and the thought of undergoing construction had me a little nervous because we were on track to break a sales record and I truly thought that the distraction of it all would prevent us from doing so.

Well, not only did we break the old record of 10 months in a row for a sales plan made at 11 but we have extended the record to 15 months in a row not missing one during both phases of construction.

The consideration you showed toward that in all that was accomplished makes this all well worth mentioning. Your workers were polite to us and our customers accommodating every situation, including the loop we threw at you at the end with our tent sale…..LOL.

The detail of every fixture and brick that was laid is much more than I expected and our customers are ecstatic over the “New Norfolk” Lumber Liquidators.

Looking back at it all I should have been a little more at ease when I think of how you responded to my concern over our neighbors by walking up and introducing yourself and reassuring them that you would be considerate of them.

Thanks again for all that you and TPD Construction have done here and not just working for us but with working with us!”

-Paul Farmer, Store Manager
Lumber Liquidators, Norfolk, VA